Idea-driven web design

There Are Two Primary Ways To Drive More Revenue To Your Business

The first way is to INNOVATE. Get a better product or service. This is often expensive and difficult, but more importantly, it’s less effective

The second way is to MARKET YOURSELF BETTER.

That's where I come in...

Eric Brenner

    Web Designer.



    Avid Chess Player.

    Ping Pong Enthusiast. 


HI, I'm Eric.

I Help People and Businesses Expand Their Online Presence Through Website Design.

I chose to capitalize “MARKETER” because I don’t just focus on creating a pretty website. 

Sure, pretty websites rock…

But what’s more important to me is the results.

– As a designer, I can make a website look practically however I want. 

– As a marketer, I can formulate strategies that drive results.

Because isn’t that why you want a website in the first place?

Designs Driven By Ideas

If Web Design was my bread & butter, Marketing would be my absolute jam.

Marketing is my jam

When I create a website, I always keep marketing strategy at the forefront of the design process.

Specifically, I focus on a BIG IDEA.

That single idea drives the design of the entire site. The idea can be anything that is purposeful.

Whether it's...

  • Cementing a brand image in your visitor’s head
  • Telling them something about your company’s ideals or purpose
  • Informing them of your upcoming events or specials
  • Or Growing your email list so you can better connect with your potential customer

You don't just want a site jumbled together.


I have experience With...


Optimizing website content so you show up on Google first.

content creation

Creating original content and distributing it across various platforms

ppc ads

Running Facebook and Google Ads to drive conversions

so I know how to Formulate those ideas.

Don't get a designer to create your site.

Get a marketer to do it.