3 Ways To Actively Leverage Gratitude In Conquering Your Mindset

3 Ways To Actively Leverage Gratitude In Conquering Your Mindset

Recently, I’ve been actively embracing the power of gratitude, and it’s had a massive impact on my life, particularly my mindset

Being “grateful” is one of those cliche, feel-good phrases that gets thrown around a lot, and it’s often a bandaid that’s useless without direct action.

Oftentimes, we say we’re grateful for something only to envy something else 3 seconds later. 

It’s unrealistic to cut envy out of our lives completely, but by actively practicing gratitude, you can significantly improve your mindset and in turn, your happiness. 

So how do you ACTIVELY practice gratitude?

Glad you asked! 🙂

Stick around, and check out these 3 Ways To Actively Leverage Gratitude In Conquering Your Mindset.

1. Make a conscious effort to appreciate time. You GET another day.

Ironically, this transformation started a few weeks ago when I was mindlessly scrolling down Instagram. I wish I could lie and tell a different story about how this morning mantra came to form, but that simply would not be true.

The first post I saw was from an influencer who posted a success story – we’ll call him Craig cause he’ll be the subject of the next tip.

(Sorry in advance to any Craigs that read this :O )

Craig was talking about his business and how he made a ridiculous amount of money within a thin time frame. 

He was one of those dudes with a ton of followers but sub-par engagement, and I had been skeptical of his legitimacy for a while.

Immediately, I began to doubt him in an attempt to make myself feel better, but at the same time I was secretly frustrated at myself for not being nearly as successful as Craig.

Negative thoughts began bouncing around the walls of my brain, so I kept scrolling.

I quickly saw another post – some sappy motivational post with a cover photo saying…

“You get another day.”

Usually I’ll dismiss motivational quotes with zero context other than the fact that it’s a Monday, but for some reason, these words RESONATED with me.


I began to realize that I am lucky for LITERALLY every single day I have on this planet, and that I’d be a fool to not make the most of each one.

I’m now grateful every time I GET to wake up in the morning.

So any time you’re not wanting to get up in the morning, be productive, or do something you probably SHOULD be doing, play those four words in your head.

2. Remove yourself from the environment.

This one is technically not directly about gratitude…

But in line with being grateful is cherishing what YOU have.

And this means not feeling bad about what you DON’T have.

In my opinion, this is probably the most important tip of the three.

To note this (and grab your attention), I put this massive and somewhat obnoxious pull-quote.

I’ll be blogging about this in the future in extreme depth because it’s SUPER crucial.

But basically…

If something is affecting you in a negative way, remove it from your life. 

it really is That simple.

This applies to your friends, hobbies, and even family members.

No, I’m not saying to go disown yourself from your negative parents, but I would recommend distancing yourself from them.

And if you realize that you have friends that just tear you down and don’t support you, consider cutting them out. Or at least don’t talk to them as often.

Moving towards social media (a hobby)…

If you realize that you feel like shit every time you check it, quit checking it.


I don’t follow him any more.

I realized that the negative feelings I harbored about myself simply weren’t worth it. Like at all…

As a rule of thumb, you should (and by should, I mean MUST) unfollow anyone whose posts invoke negative feelings. 

Next time you’re on social media, take a conscious note of who makes you feel bad about yourself.

If you can, unfollow them immediately (chances are that you can).

“But Eric, it’s this dope ass content creator that posts awesome shit! How could I ever unfollow them?”

-Future You, upon scrolling through social media

You have to decide if what you’re getting out of it is more important than your emotional health.

But in my experience, it’s much easier to REMOVE what’s causing it than to change your feelings about it.

3. Start each day by writing 3 things you’re thankful for.

I recommend doing this at the beginning of every day – it’s the first thing I do after waking up because it sets the frame for my day.

Ideally, however, you can do this whenever you want.

These things can be people in your life, conditions you’re living in, or even the working eyes that you’re consuming this content with – just realize that you have a LOT to be grateful for.

Write 3 things. Every single day. And see how many days you can go without repeating anything.

I challenge you to go for 2 months.

Get after it!

Reach out to me and tell me if you’ve implemented any of these tactics in your daily life.

How has it gone for you? Do you see any improvement in your mindset?

If you manage to do this for even more than a week, let me know!

 Thanks so much for your attention – I’m GRATEFUL for each one of you that read this to completion. 😉

I’ll see you in the next one.