Welcome, Digital Marketer! This page is just for you.

1. Why do you believe you're a marketing superstar?

I’m a marketing superstar because of my drive, creativity, and sheer technical knowledge.

Here’s a short story highlighting my drive and creativity.

Shortly after joining ePayPolicy, my boss went to New Jersey to film a video podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk!


 I remember fangirling with envy at this opportunity because I was a huge advocate of Gary Vee’s ideas. 

Upon my boss’s return, he had a 30-minute-long video with the two of them discussing the insurance space. The content was beautiful, and I had the idea of posting several “teasers” across all the social accounts before posting the entire podcast on our Facebook and LinkedIn feeds. 

The idea, of course, was that the teaser would build audience traction for the podcast. 

The Director of Marketing, however, did not want to pay a Fiverr video editor to do this, so we reached a barrier…

I knew how important it was to launch content preceding the release of this podcast, so, over the next two days…

I spent 15 hours of my free time learning video editing. 

I then created several intriguing, valuable short videos (which can be found deep on ePayPolicy’s Instagram page) and posted them across our socials.

Our KPI’s showed that because of my videos, we gained more followers, likes, and comments in that week than our previous top 3 weeks combined.

Here’s a short story highlighting my technical knowledge.

When I worked at Texas Energy Experts, I managed the Google Ads campaign and the organic search campaigns. 

By shifting focus from SKAGs to STAGs, I helped reduce the CPL from $45 to $20. 

I also realized that solar ads have a horrible reputation on Facebook, so we resorted to using ad networks. We worked with Taboola to create native placements and added our Google pixel to our campaigns there for retargeting. We experienced a dramatic decrease in CPA as a result while also gaining more data on our customer!


My biggest accomplishment as a digital marketer is the launch of my web design/marketing company – the very one you’re reading this page on! 

I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and launching a business where I get to provide insane value for people and help them pursue THEIR passions is a dream.


4. what do you do for fun?

Read Marketing Books. That’s it…

Did you believe me?

While I do love reading books over marketing strategy, funnels, copywriting, and entrepreneurship, my true passion comes out when I’m competing. 

In short, growing up with an identical twin brother has made me a competitive animal, and I love doing anything where winners and losers are involved.

I’m a nerd when it comes to strategy games, and at the risk of sounding conceited, I win 99% of the time due to my ability to find the strategy in everything – even Monopoly. 

I play soccer, basketball, and especially tennis. 

I am the best at table tennis though, and I have a website called Ping Pong Pointers where I offer private ping pong lessons to those in the Austin area. If you hire me, I may even give you a discount 😛 (am I allowed to say that?)

I offer private chess lessons as well (I’m ranked in the top 95% of players in bullet chess). 

When I’m not doing this,  I cherish time with friends and family as I’m extroverted and love spending time with people. 

5. Explain what you're doing now for work and why you're looking elsewhere.

Right now, I have a few clients for my web design company and I’m running an e-commerce store. 

I am looking for work because I want to gain more experience in the digital marketing space! 

In the description, your job posting says “a wanting to learn from the RIGHT mentor”, and this resonates heavily with me. It’s something I would probably value more than the financial compensation of the job. In today’s information age, it’s often difficult to sift through the clutter and find the most effective digital marketing practices, so mentorship would be a massive perk for me.

I realize that Digital Marketer is A HUGE player in the digital marketing field, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to apply to a position like this. 

Please understand that I would NOT let you down, I’d absorb every piece of information like a sponge, and I’d bring a uniquely creative, strategic mind to serve as a true asset to your team. 

Thank you so much for your attention.