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IT'S 2023. You need a website.

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In today’s world, everyone  does everything online – shopping, playing games, paying bills, and just about everything else under the sun.  

So if they’re online, shouldn’t you be online too?

The Truth

Whether you’re a multi-million dollar corporation, a young startup, or a mom-and-pop restaurant, you should have your own real estate on the internet. 

I’m not talking about social media. I’m talking about

Social media and Google My Business are not enough.

people are picky

Consumers are getting pickier and pickier and they look to make more informed decisions when it comes to spending their hard-earned money. 

Where do they look when they’re considering YOUR business? Your website.

Look at yourself for example.
You're still reading this because you want more information.

You're not just gonna give this guy money without vetting him.

Your customers are the same way.

benefits of a Website

Websites allow you to answer all of your customers' questions in one place - and it's your place.

One easy, organized place on the internet that you get to customize however you want.

Okay so you know that you need a website. What's next?

Here's your options.

1. You can make one yourself.

Making a website by yourself seems extremely intimidating at first, but I can help!

If you don’t know where to begin, start by subscribing to my blog

I’ll cover everything from web design to marketing tactics and it’s 100% FREE.

You can also hit me up with any questions you have along the way!

2. you can Hire a web designer or marketing agency.

A viable option! You’re totally able to go find a marketing agency that will make you a website. But here’s the catch.

They are going to charge you upwards of $5-7K. That often doesn’t even include a business email address or mobile optimization.

Agencies have costs and they need to cover them. 

Additionally, their site will be straight off a theme template. They won’t customize it to your business’s needs!

3. you can Hire me

I can create you a better custom website that is 100% mobile-optimized and catered to YOUR business’s needs at a fraction of the agency price.

My sites are...

I’ll even set up a professional business email account with it for FREE.

I have experience with...


Optimizing website content so you show up on Google first.

content creation

Creating original content and distributing it across various platforms.


Running Facebook and Google Ads to drive conversions

So I think Like a Marketer, Not Just a Designer